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National Insulation Association

Commercial Insulation.

We can assist you in project estimating on thermal insulation on piping, fittings, ductwork, equipment and vessels found within commercial heating~ ventilating~ cooling and plumbing systems. We also can assist you with kitchen exhaust duct, duct and housings, outside air intake, roof drains, hot water heating, chilled water, engine exhaust ducts, refrigerant suction and ammonia and liquid nitrogen to mention the main ones. Our competent employees are the finest in the Houston Area.

Insulation is defined as those materials or combinations of materials, which retard the flow of heat energy by performing one or more of the following functions:

  • Conserve energy by reducing heat loss or gain.
  • Control surface temperatures for personnel protection and comfort.
  • Facilitate temperature control of a process.
  • Prevent vapor flow and water condensation on cold surfaces.
  • Increase operating efficiency of heating/ventilating/cooling, plumbing, steam, process and power systems found in commercial and industrial installations.
  • Reduce damage to equipment from exposure to fire or corrosive atmospheres.
  • Assist mechanical systems in meeting USDA (FDA) criteria in food and cosmetic plants.

The temperature range, within which the term "thermal insulation" will apply, is from -73.3°C (-100°F) to 815.6°C (1500°F). All applications below -73.3°C (-100°F) are termed "cryogenic," and those above 815.6°C (1500°F) are termed "refractory."

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