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SLIS holds a unique position as a company completely dedicated to its industry.

Since 2004, SLIS has concentrated its efforts exclusively on Storage Tanks and Pipe Insualtion, along with Heat Tracing Systems. Today, SLIS continues to be the industry leader in the specialized field of Storage Tanks & Piping Insulation with the addition of heat tracing systems.
Insulation Blanket Cover Jackets

Storage Tanks - Standing Seam Paneling System

Aluminum Tank Paneling System
Aluminum Tank Paneling
Galvanize & Stainless Tank Paneling System
Tank Galvanize & Stainless
Color Tank Paneling System
Color Paneling System
Tank Roof System
Tank Roof System

Insulation Removable Blanket Cover Applications

Insulation Blankets
Valves & Flanges Blankets
Insulation Blankets
Pumps & Equipments Blankets
Insulation Blankets
Skids Blankets
Insulation Blankets
Drums, Cylinders, Tote, & More

Piping & Vessels Insulation Applications

Heat Exchanger & Piping
Vessels - Corrugated & Smooth
Piping Stucco Embossed
Vessels - Stucco Embossed

Heat Tracing Applications

Insulation Blankets
Heat Tracing Blankets
heat tracing
Steam Tracing
heat tracing
Electric Tracing
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